Flex Loan Financing for Long-Term Investors

In real estate financing, “experience” is what matters most. We can arrange financing for any loan. We also have the flexibility to tailor the right loan product for the borrower, through our investor network of over 3000 lenders.

Our highly trained, knowledgeable staff examines each transaction to place it in the best program based on your unique scenario. We understand the complexity of any transaction in today’s market and most importantly, we have the relationships with lenders, investors and banks to close deals efficiently and quickly.

Commercial Flex Loans
Property Types, Terms and Rates Loan Amounts up to $5,000,000
Tier Investor 1-4: SFR, Condo, and 2-4 Units Multi-Family and Mixed-Use: 5+ Unit Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Commercial: Office, Retail, Warehouse, Self-Storage, and Automotive
Fixed Term 30 Year 30 Year 30 Year
LTV MAX 75% 75% 70%
Tier 1 FICO ≥ 750 9.74% 10.24% 12.49%
Tier 2 FICO 700-749 10.24% 11.24% 11.74%
Tier 3 FICO ≥ 650 10.99% 11.99% 12.49%
Loan Programs
Options Long-Term Fixed Interest Only Fixed: Add .25 to above rates
Term 30 years | Shorter terms available 5 year Interest Only
Amortization Fully Amortized Loan 25 years following initial IO period
Prepayment Penalty 5-year declining prepay: 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%.
Prepay Buydown Reduce 1 year by adding .375% fee. Min 1-year penalty.
No Prepay States 1-6 units in NJ (title held as an individual) and 1-4 units in NM = no prepay, add 1% to rate or 1% in fee.
Rate Buydown 1-point fee = .375% rate reduction. | Minimum Rate 8.49%.
Refinance Transactions Add .50% to the rates shown above for all refinance transactions.
Investor 1-4 Guidelines
Loan Amounts $2 million MAX
LTV Rate Adjuster: (1-4 only) Reduce interest rate by -.125 for every 5% below LTV max (floored at 50%).
Experience First time buyers are ineligible for investment 1-unit properties.
General Guidelines
Purpose Purchase, Rate-Term Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance.
Loan Amounts $75K - $5MM. | Minimum loan amount for Multi-Family, Mixed-Use and Commercial is $100K. Loans > $1MM = Max 70% LTV.
Credits Scores 650 Minimum MID FICO
Impounds Required for property taxes and insurance.
Foreign Investors 65% Maximum LTV
CLTV 90 Maximum CLTV

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