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At The Commercial Loan Fund, we specialize in providing a wide range of commercial real estate financing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

With access to over thousands of lenders and investors, we offer loan programs that include but are not limited to multifamily, industrial, retail, and land development financing, as well as asset-based lending and various investor-focused options.

Our mission is to simplify the borrowing process, ensuring quick and flexible funding for real estate investments. Our dedicated team brings over 100 years expertise and personalized service to every transaction, helping you achieve your investment goals efficiently.

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Medical Office
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Self Storage
Senior Housing
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Single Tenant
Strip Center
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Commercial Property Description

Type Category Description
Office Buildings Class A High-quality buildings with top amenities, located in prime areas.
Class B Good quality buildings with fewer amenities, located in less prime areas.
Class C Older buildings with basic amenities, located in non-prime areas.
Retail Properties Shopping Centers Large complexes with various retailers (e.g., malls).
Strip Malls Smaller shopping areas with a row of stores.
Big Box Retailers Large retail spaces for stores like Walmart or Target.
Stand-Alone Stores Individual retail buildings not attached to other stores.
Industrial Properties Warehouse/Distribution Centers Large spaces for storing and distributing goods.
Manufacturing Buildings Facilities for producing goods.
Flex Space Combination of office and industrial use.
Heavy Manufacturing Specialized buildings for heavy industrial operations.
Light Assembly Less specialized industrial buildings for assembly or storage.
Multifamily Properties Apartments Residential buildings with multiple units.
Condominiums Individual units owned separately in a larger building.
Mixed-Use Buildings Combining residential, commercial, and sometimes industrial spaces.
Hospitality Properties Hotels Accommodations for travelers.
Motels Budget-oriented accommodations typically located along highways.
Resorts Luxury accommodations with additional amenities for recreation and relaxation.
Special Purpose Properties Schools and Universities Educational institutions.
Hospitals Medical facilities.
Nursing Homes Residential care for the elderly or disabled.
Self-Storage Facilities Units rented for personal storage.
Theaters Venues for performing arts or movies.
Religious Buildings Churches, temples, and other places of worship.
Land Greenfield Undeveloped land.
Infill Land Land within a developed area that is undeveloped or being redeveloped.
Brownfield Previously developed land that may be contaminated but is available for redevelopment.
Mixed-Use Properties Urban Often combines retail, office, and residential spaces in a single property.
Suburban May combine similar uses but in a less dense configuration.
Medical Office Buildings Facilities specifically designed for healthcare providers, such as doctors, dentists, and outpatient services.
Laboratories and Research Facilities Spaces equipped for scientific research, development, and testing.
Data Centers Facilities used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.
Sports and Entertainment Venues Stadiums Large venues for sports events and concerts.
Arenas Smaller than stadiums but used for sports, concerts, and events.
Convention Centers Large spaces designed to host conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows.
Agricultural Properties Farms Land used for farming crops or raising livestock.
Ranches Large land areas used primarily for raising grazing livestock.
Parking Lots and Structures Stand-alone parking garages or lots used for vehicle storage.
Marinas Facilities for docking, storing, and maintaining boats and other watercraft.
Airports and Aviation Facilities Properties designed for air transportation, including terminals, hangars, and runways.
Golf Courses Large outdoor properties designed for the sport of golf, often including clubhouses and other amenities.
Cemeteries Land designated for burial purposes.
Quarries and Mines Land used for extracting natural resources like minerals, stone, and other raw materials.
Theme Parks/Amusement Parks Large areas designed for entertainment, featuring rides, attractions, and various recreational activities.
Film Studios Properties equipped for the production of movies, television shows, and other media content.

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