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In commercial real estate financing, “experience” is what matters most. We can arrange financing for any commercial loan. We also have the flexibility to tailor the right loan product for the borrower, through our investor network of over 3000 lenders.

Our highly trained, knowledgeable staff examines each transaction to place it in the best program based on your unique scenario. We understand the complexity of a commercial transaction in today’s market and most importantly, we have the relationships with lenders, investors and banks to close deals efficiently and quickly.

New Commercial Building
Requirements Details
The Turbo Close 48 hour to 6 business day close (need prelim / title commitment readily available).
Loan Amounts $100K to $20MM.
Deal types Cash-out Refinances of Owner-occupied properties, bank or construction loans coming due and existing lenders not extending. Purchase of value-add projects or distressed assets. 1031 exchange timelines, foreclosure bailouts, cross-collateralization across state lines, and more!
SBA-Approved Lenders We finance up to 90% of purchase price on an SBA504, refinances depend.
Requirements No minimum credit, no occupancy requirements, no DTI calculations, no DSCRs needed, Owner-occupied or investment, just need real estate as collateral.
Property Types Industrial, office, restaurants / retail, gas stations, strip clubs, cannabis properties, funeral homes, senior care facilities, residential 1-4 units, non-conforming, unwarrantable condos, mixed-use, certain infill lots in good areas, and special use property types. Don’t be afraid to run it by us if it’s funky!
Property Conditions Vacant, non-income producing, environmental issues under the Brownsfield Act, code violations, abatements, run it by us and we will let you know if we can do it!
Borrowers Irrevocable Trusts, Self-Directed Retirement Accounts, Foreign Nationals, ITIN borrowers, Individuals, Entities, Power of Attorney, Non-Profits, and more!
Hairy deals Notice of defaults, forbearance, foreclosure bailouts, distressed assets, certain BKs, red tags, vacant, code violations, abatements, dilapidated properties, what are you working on?
Term 3+ months interest-only to 20 years fully-amortized.
Staes Available Alaska • Arizona • Arkansas • California • Colorado • Georgia • Idaho • Maryland • Massachusetts • New Hampshire • Nevada • North Carolina • Oregon • Texas • Utah • Virginia • Washington • Washington DC • West Virginia .

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